Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekly Wellness : Week 15 (April 8 - 14)

Some days are good, and some are alright. I don't want to sound overly dramatic but the past week I haven't had much motivation to do anything. While I don't think depression is quite the word I'm looking for, I needed some time to myself and just do this whole 'self-care' thing. Haven't been reading as much as I was during the Summer so I need to catch up on my books!

Encountered this fun and interactive art museum with virtual reality components. LMK By One Dome Global.

Some well over due mani & pedi by lovely I got my eyes on you... short and simple the way I like it.

Not even 2 weeks and we went back to Kusakabe and they remember us! It's beginning Spring Time so some of the items on the menu were changed since the other time we came. This time I took a photo of everything so I can remember that we had. I'm a little shy when it comes to taking photos at Omakase dinners because I want to fully enjoy the dining experience rather than interrupt myself taking my phone out for some photos.

A selection of things we had...My favorite is the chu-toro, nodoguro, crab, and wagyu!

Saw one of my good friends for 'brunch' and I've always wanted to try Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was alright to me, I think Dottie's was much better but service at Tiffany's was much better than Dottie's for sure. I ordered the Benedict Trio which has a loco moco, corn hash, and fried chicken benedict.

I have some fun things planned rest of April which I'll share next time...until then..

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  1. I can totally relate with taking photos at an Omakase. I usually take a photo of the first and last dish, because I feel weird always taking out my phone to snap a photo. >___<

    But we should go get brunch again some time!