Monday, April 1, 2019

Weekly Wellness : Week 13 (Mar 25 - 31)

Hi! I can't believe it's already April. A little behind on posts and scheduling. I changed up my Weekly posts to be updated every Monday instead of Sunday, I'm not sure why I started my week on Sundays. Not much has happened in the past week as I got a little sick again. I am going to be making a website for my webshop so I can expand outside of just using Depop, so this is my main big project for the next few weeks :)

I went to my first Baby Shower of my lovely Lash Girl, congratulations! I always think it's so sweet and beautiful when I see two people very in love.

As I mentioned I was sick earlier this week so I wasn't able to get much done but I did some how manage to try out some more new places in the city which I'll share here. Perhaps I should just review places on my yelp account..? Haha I won't. I love finding little gems in San Francisco.

Lite Bite is a healthy option place where you can grab...a light bite! They have calorie information listed on all their food options and some go by weight. I was craving a smoothie and I ordered the one of their Green Smoothies the Super K which was surprisingly tasty. I don't usually like kale but it's a little sweet with some spices.

Urban Ritual. I haven't had boba in a long time but a friend was visiting and we checked this neat place out. I ordered the Matcha Toffee with Honey Boba and it was pretty good. I LOVE toffee and wasn't expecting it in milk tea drink. Small shop but fun drinks.

Bon, Nene. Finally got around to trying this place out! We ordered and shared the hijii salad, champignon pasta, and mentaiko spaghetti. I also got a frozen Kirin. My favorite out of the two noodle dishes hands down the mentaiko. Creamy and buttery with flavorful mentaiko roe! The champignon pasta was great also and had a hint of smokey roasted garlic flavor. Great place for lunch.

Kusakabe. My 3rd time here and I love the experience everytime! This is omakase style and what is served is seasonal. I recommend this because I went a few times and it's always been great, service and food. Everything.

Wako. Must be on a omakase binge because I also came to Wako the same week and it's so amazing. I love their hassun dishes and the nigiri is tasty and fresh. Always good stuff. I have nothing bad to say, minus it can get a little stuffy since it's a small place.

That's all for my updates from the past week, I'm still a little under the weather but I'm hoping I can get over this quickly. Bye Now :)

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  1. Oh, I love Wako! I haven't been there in ages, but I Kusakabe is on my list to try!