Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekly Wellness : Week 12 (Mar 17 - 24)

This past week was filled with special memories and fun activities with good people in my life. I was able to see two bands who I like play, met with a new friend, explored the city, and even got to try new restaurants! Overall I had such a productive week and I can't wait to explore more of my beautiful city.

Went to catch One Ok Rock at the Warfield with Yukari

I can say that this band brings so much energy to their concerts that everyone was just screaming and jumping up and down throughout the whole show. 

I went solo to see another favorite of mine also play at the same venue Within Temptation

A little more mellow crowd that One Ok Rock but I still had a great time. They changed it up a bit with an acoustic version of their hit song Ice Queen.

I'm always so excited to knock out places to eat off my to try list and it's an even better experience with a friend! Elizabeth of hopped into the city and we both were extremely satisfied with how good brunch was!

I changed to shellac 2 months ago and this was no light change! I've always been in love with acrylic and being able to have super bling nails but the damage it did to my real nails took a toll and a friend suggested to shellac. I like it better than gel because it is much easier to take off and easier on your nails. My nails have never been so healthy in a while. The only downside is no more crazy bling. Love my new nails by Dagiima at Remede Spa

Have you ever tried mead? Most likely not and I have not either until today. Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey, water, and yeast. The Meadery San Francisco is open for tastings and comes with a cup for you to take home. We sampled 8 different meads and I would say its similar to sherry, or kind of like a less sweet version of Japanese plum wine.

Looking for fun stuff to do in the city with some friends or family? I'll make a new post soon about places to check out in San Francisco and this will be listed for sure! Outdoor Mini Golf and Food Trucks right across the street? This makes a great hangout spot for kids and adults on a sunny afternoon. Course took us 1.5 hours depending on wait time between each course (there were 18 total) and spent about another 1.5 hours roaming the food trucks. Be sure to check out Stagecoach Greens!

I made a post of San Francisco based Artisan Chocolatiers in the city a while back which you can refer back to here, and I just got to knock off yet another one on my list! Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is from Sacramento so not to far from SF and WOW! So many fun flavors and their hot chocolate is perfect for a cold day. Ended up picking to try the Olive Oil Sea Salt, Caramelized Milk & Coffee, Brown Butter, Sweet Cream Chai, Creme Fraiche, and Wildflower Honey Yogurt.

So many restaurants so little time! If you are like me, a foodie then you will know the struggles of wanting to try new places but just don't know where to start. Highlight of this week was Kinjo where we had omakase. I'm slowly making my way down the Michelin Star restaurants in the city and this did not disappoint! Other places I at at this week was Mourad, Bellota, Nopa, Lao Table, Hog Island, and Epic Steakhouse. All were solid except Nopa which I felt was a little underwhelming and didn't live up to the hype. I'm not really good with reviewing food because everything just tastes so good! Maybe I'll do some kind of #foodporn dump :P

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