Saturday, March 16, 2019

Weekly Wellness : Week 11 (Mar 10 - 16)

Who else had a bit of an 'off' week this past week? Daylight Savings didn't help with the cause but I'm feeling much better now. It's another mellow week, allergies flaring, snot running down my nose, and some dry coughing. I feel I am never in 'Perfect' condition-- something is a little off about me lol.

Finally went around to trying Ding Tai Fung at the Westfield Valley Fair and it totally lived up to the hype! Got there early so the wait was not too bad, and everything was so amazingly tasty I would make a trip down there again for sure. Also was my first time in that Westfield and it was really huge! Even got to do some shopping a bit which I might show you guys :)

There are some days where I feel a little 'anti-social' and just want to be alone but I am not feeling lonely either. It's like I need some time to refuel/recharge so I can go hangout with people and make plans almost like a selective extrovert haha. The photo is un-related...but my favorite fast food burger places are Super Duper, In-N-Out, and Chick fil A! What about yours?

I'm making progress with my food consumption, much less snacking than before and I feel good about it. Hope I can keep this up! I decided for next week to start writing down what I eat as well tasks I should complete each day to help myself feel more productive. Being productive helps me keep in a good mind set.

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  1. Nom, Din Tai Fung! I think I like In-N-Out most! I don't get that many chances to go to Chick-Fil A, so I can't say. But I want to see your shopping spree!