Saturday, March 9, 2019

Weekly Wellness : Week 10 (Mar 3 - 9)

Can't believe it's already March and a quarter of the year in already. I'm hoping for more sunny skies if possible so I can finally take out and wear my new kicks. Please weather stop being bipolar. I ended up getting sick the beginning of the week and just had to ride it out which I was not expecting.

I haven't started making progress in terms of getting back in shape (I gained 25~27lbs) since June 2018 and it's really a lot on a small person like me. I shouldn't really be complaining because I've been spoiling myself by eating good food. I should have some self control however because it's very important for me to find out why I am over-eating or stress eating and to take control of the situation.

Getting a storage unit has been the best decision ever. Best thing in a while actually. I was serious about cleaning and revamping my closet that I basically Marie Kondo my things. I took everything, and I meant EVERYTHING out of my small room and sorted through the things I wanted to keep and things I wouldn't miss if they were trashed. I love it and I'm really trying. I really am.

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