Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rady Winter Shopping Haul 2018

I've been meaning make this post about my first and big purchase from Rady. I'm slowly making my way towards more a more mature Gyaru style (Ane Gyaru / Onee Gyaru) and I'm excited to show what I picked up from this brand. With a few weeks left of Winter, I still needed to keep my warm for the San Francisco 'weather' so I mainly purchased outerwear this time around along with some cute miscellaneous items. Rady's theme is 'Luxury Resort Streetwear' so there are a lot of floral patterns and paisley. I was surprised that they also gave velvet hangers and coat covers to protect the items.

First of this haul are from their room and household items line. I got 2 of the Iris Flower Cosmetic Box in Pink and Lavender to hold all my makeup since I've been using a short storage box so it's a nice little change for me. The Marbled Patterned Tray I will be using it to hold loose notions or buttons. I love My Melody one of my favorite Sanrio Characters so I had to get the My Melody Resort Flower Plate Set, and last I purchased the Resort Flower Lunch Box Set. Portion size is great and will help me keep track of how much I eat.

Next on to the clothing, I picked up 2 items-- Cami Combo Jumpsuit and Tweed Knit One-piece in Yellow
While they don't necessarily scream Gyaru, I wanted to buy more pieces that I can wear outside of Gyaru so these caught my eye. I am a big fan of rompers or jumpsuits and the yellow tweed dress I think would be a lovely color for Spring.

Rady Knee High Boots. What can I say...I am very disappointed. These are the Rose Gold Heels and I could not get them to fit over my calves to save my life. It would fit someone very slim with small calves. (I have big calves) so sad.

The rest of the items are all outwear!

Hooded Short Wool Coat

Fluffy Short Down Coat

Double Fur Riders Jacket
I am in love with fur vests and I got them in pink and black one with a hood and the other without. Will update with my own photos shortly but just wanted to share my first haul of the year :)

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