Friday, March 8, 2019

Laser Mole Removal Experience

(Yes I snapped a photo with the Meitu App as I hardly take selfies without a filter, but who does these days) Of me recently and I went through and found an old photo of me before when I still had my facial moles/birthmarks. 
All I can say is, it is the best investment and decision I did for myself. I was made fun of when I was younger for them and I became really self-cautious and shy because of it. But most of the bullying happened before High School, and after that it just kind of stopped but I still felt bothered by the moles.

I was going to document my journey and process on this experience but I got lazy and didn't follow up with it. I'll explain it on this blog entry instead.

I consulted with 3 different surgeons before settling on the one who I felt most confident in and I'm extremely pleased with my choice. This is so, so important. To go with a Dr you feel has the experience and is honest with what they can do for you instead of someone who just takes your consultation money and sees you in and out the door in 5 minutes.

My Doctor told me she could do the chin mole since it was flat and pigmented but the one near my eye is much trickier and most likely will result in some scarring. She pushed me away from doing both at the same time and said to start with the chin mole first to see how I liked it. It was about $125/session and took about 5-6 sessions with a month or 6 weeks in between each session. Pain wise, it was non-existent and if anything felt more like a pinch or a ball point pen poking you so not too painful. Chin mole completely faded and is no longer noticeable! I felt amazing.

After, I told her I still wanted to go through with removing the other mole on my eye and was aware of the possibility of scarring. She did not seem too for it or against it and told me to think about it. I thought about it and told her yes, I still wanted to do it regardless of the scarring.

For the mole next to my eye, she injected some numbing in and that was most painful part of the procedure. It was tolerable but I could still feel the pinch. After that I could not feel anything. My Doctor scraped the mole out and put a band-aid on and I was out in maybe 30 minutes. She said I was to come back in a few weeks after it healed if there was still some pigment which there was and we did one session of the Laser Removal and after that my mole was gone! There is still some faint scarring but it is hardly noticeable.

I am so happy with my results and I feel 100x better about myself, and I am so grateful to the Doctor who treated me and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who is thinking of Mole Removal.

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  1. I'm glad you wrote about this and am fully supportive of this! I think a lot of people shy away about telling others their experiences for these types of procedures, but everyone wants to know how it is. You look gorgeous with or without the mole! <3