Wednesday, March 27, 2019

February & March Collective Haul Dump 2019

Quick post of things I got since the beginning of the year, which is about 3 months worth of stuff! The blog is becoming more of a photo diary than a 'blog' :P

First, new sneakers! It's so hard finding shoes in my size 4.5/34.5 that I have to go shop at the kids section for footwear most of the time. I came across these and found them to be super cute and I had to ask for them. Loving the pastel color combos!

I say that I want to focus more on good skin and less make up (next haul contradicts this) but I picked up some face moisturizers, sunscreen, and hair bond products, and some vitamin gummies!

This is totally out of the norm but Too Faced was have some crazy sales and I couldn't pass up on some good deals so I picked up a few lip stuff and face makeup. Perhaps I'll do some swatch reviews in the future but I'm not so good with makeup reviews since I'm just a fan.

I love to collect and try out new chocolates so whenever I come across a brand I haven't tried yet, I'll pick a flavor! So far my stash goes...(and yes I do eat a bit every day) I'm not nuts about nuts in my chocolate so it does slim down the options for me. I'm pretty normal in terms of flavors as I prefer no nuts and not too big on chocolates with super fruity jellies or flavors. My preference would be lavender, honey, toffee, or chocolates with fun bits in it! What do you like?

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  1. *-* those sneakers!
    And wow, so much makeup! How do you like the Unicorn Tears so far? I've been meaning to grab that but haven't gotten the chance to.
    Can't wait to see your swatches ! ~