Sunday, February 24, 2019

Weekly Wellness: Week 8 (Feb 17 - 23)

Hello again :)

Has it been already another week? Gosh, I felt it went by quickly. Beginning of the week was a bit rocky and uncertain if I was falling ill or not but I noticed I get this way when it rains for too long because the weather has a domino effect on me. When it's rainy I feel gloomy and have less motivation to get up and be productive however, this week the weather was great with lots of sunshine! With the sun, I feel more happy and easy going. Does anyone else feel this way?

I'm trying to spend more time with family/my parents as well as friends and I felt I'm doing good so far. Had dinner with the family and ended up going to the same restaurant 3x over the week with different people on different occasions-- family, friends, a lover. You get the picture. I think it's a sign of goodness. I met with some friends and made new friends this week so I am feeling really good :)

I want to say I've been *trying* to save money but it's hard when Angelic Pretty are pumping out these releases! I laugh, haha. But I also have been making attempts to purge and revamp my wardrobe by donating or selling some old clothes/clothes which I never touched in the past 2 years and I pocketed some extra cash this week. You can check my Depop here where I have a bit of older Gyaru items!

Until next time.

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