Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weekly Wellness: Week 7 (Feb 10 - 16)

One of the things I wanted to get back into doing this year was blogging. I'm not a good writer or a blogger but I really enjoy having an outlet for my thoughts. It's almost like therapy and a way to destress. The Weekly Wellness section will be a once a week check-in on myself-- basically talking to myself and seeing how I'm doing. Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself? Well this post is pretty much me but on a blog.

When it rains or when the sky is a bit grey it kind of makes me want to stay inside, unmotivated to do anything else besides to curl up in bed. I'm trying to not let the weather affect my productivity but it can be hard sometimes when it's just pouring outside! How do you deal with it? I try to take a bath or hot shower, light some scented candles, make hot tea or soup, read a book or watch a show. I know we need the rain but I also can't wait till Spring since it's not only my favorite season of the year but weather really brightens up which puts me in a better mood.

I miss seeing some friends so I've been trying to reach out and make an effort to get back in touch with some who I miss, as well as going out and meeting new people. I made some new friends the past year and kept in touch with some old friends but I really want to try harder in maintaining a healthy relationship with people around me.

I've started to eat better but it is of course still a work in progress. I don't really have an excuse of not going to the gym or exercising though I do want to blame the weather haha. No more meals after 8pm, no more mindless snacking, or eating out if there is food at home. Health doesn't have to be just physical but mental health is also important. I been getting better at being more positive and finding ways to cope when things do not turn out how I want or when I do not feel I am where I want to be. Being in a good mood means more motivation to dress up in cute clothes!

Since I am not eating out as much I've been saving some money. If I do eat out, I try not to overeat and save leftovers for another day. I take public transportation as much as I can as long as there are no time constraints since I started using Uber more I've been using it for close and short distances. Lastly, every other week I've been trying to clear out things in my room and closet of stuff I no longer need. I put things up for sale on eBay, Facebook, Depop, and a few other mobile apps for re-selling your old knickknacks!

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