Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Strip Lashes or Lash Extensions?

It's been about a year since I decided to go with lash extensions after many years of using strip lashes. I just took out my eyelash extensions because I wanted to see how I'd feel about falsies again. I have uneven eyelids (both are different creases) so when I do eye make up I take these into consideration.

Strip Lashes Pros
- they are easy to take off and wash your face
- usually cheaper than getting lash extensions
- there are different styles to choose from so you can have a different look for whatever occasion
- available almost at any drugstore
- great if you like to experiment with different looks and eyeshadows

Strip Lashes Cons
- takes practice to stick them on properly and evenly
- may come off after a long night of partying so don't forget to bring glue with you!
- some nice styles may end up feeling too heavy on my eyes since they have a heavy band
- not as long as lash extensions (that can go up to 18 or 19mm!)
- I don't feel the curve of most the strip lash selections are curled enough for Asian eyes

Lash Extensions Pros
- you can 'I woke up like this'
- save time on makeup, literally cuts my time by 15-20 minutes
- different lengths and curls to choose from
- usually looks even on both eyes which is great for hooded eyes and covering up uneven lids
- easy maintenance with brushing and eyelash cleanser
- makes your eyes pop and look more open
- does not damage your natural lashes if done properly by a trained professional
- look amazing at the pool and great option for vacation
- I don't usually use eyeshadow or liner with extensions

Lash Extensions Cons
- can be an expensive upkeep depending on style you get (I do mega volume so touch up is 10-14 days for best results)
- harder to wash face, you have to clean around the area
- hurts like a B if one ends up in your eye
- car ride with the windows down? don't think so-- these will be fluttering in your vision
- touch ups and initial appointments may take a fair bit of time
- can be painful if you accidentally tug and pull one out
- needs to be brushed so the individual lashes don't start to stack on top of each other and making your eyes look less open
- taking the lashes off is also a long process and may sting your eye

I like both of them depending on what my purpose is but after finding a lash technician that I really like and gave me what I wanted, I can say that I am addicted to lash extensions despite the cons!

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